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Mains multiraciales



It is a question here of reviving within our communities, the ancestral values UBUNTU (I am because we are), which are values of mutual aid, benevolence and solidarity. These values are based on historical awareness and the strengthening of a cultural identity. For this we encourage Parents, Guardians and Responsible Persons to reconnect with their culture in order to share it with family and within communities. This initiative will create cultural Passeurs who will be equipped to transmit a UBUNTU culture to the following generations. This project has a dual objective:


1- Equip parents so that they can accompany their young people in the quest for their history. This will prevent them from discovering certain parts of it for themselves; indeed, part of this history is painful, traumatic; it can arouse anger and lead to (identity) crises. Support will allow these young people to have a more peaceful and constructive reading of their past.


2- Demonstrate that when young black people become aware of the greatness of their heritage, they aspire to overcome obstacles to put themselves in a situation of success.


It will ultimately be a matter of substituting one culture for another. Substitute the culture that promotes rebellion and systematic opposition, for a culture of construction and projection towards the future. People who have a solid anchor of their historical and cultural consciousness are less destabilized by discrimination and racism, and can confront these scourges without emotions, but with arguments to defuse situations or hate speech.

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