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Swahili, the working language of the African Union, is also the official language of the East African Community which includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan from the south and since spring 2021, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is also one of the official languages of the SADC or Southern African Economic Development Community. It is present in the publications of major international institutions (UN organizations, various NGOs, etc.).

The literary tradition written in Swahili goes back several centuries (originally in Arabic characters, since the end of the 19th century in Latin characters). The place of Swahili in education in Tanzania and Kenya has led to the emergence of a large number of contemporary authors. Learning Swahili makes it easy to learn other languages of the same family (Bantu) spoken in an area that goes from Cameroon to South Africa and from Gabon to Kenya.

Swahili with M.I.C.R.O, an enriched learning

People interested in learning Swahili with a bilingual teacher can now take online classes on Saturday mornings. Swahili courses are for English and French speaking people wishing to learn more about African literature (there are a lot of books in Swahili), communicate in this language, travel or do business in East Africa.

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